wimpy’s return to Egypt has put a lot of excitement in a lot of people specially those who where here when it was still open in the 80’s. this would mean that it was important how they wimpy’s return campaign was made this would determine it it is a success or not. the change that will happen to fit the society now mattered and if the food still bring the people back to wimpy’s old glory.

wimpy’s branding was known to change for the new big opining the old wimp’y fit the 80’s more with its simple structure and not much thought to its branding. when it reopened with a new logo a new face it is suppose to fit a more modern era the typography pops out more then the gold one its had more definition to. the logo has changed a lot as well it now doesn’t contain the typography of the brand and is just simple it still represents the burger bit its more simple and is more usable for campaigns. the place look more modern and like a dinner which keep a bit of the 80;s but in a more modern way. The reopening of wimpy was successful till people that have tried it in the 80’s said that it is not the same quality it not as how they remember it being this was also the opinion my parents gave.