I have been struggling to add more thought in how I can create my work with something other the my computer as a student I have been focusing more on how to learn my ways around the applications signer to us not how to be able to create something with more thought in including something I did from scratch with my hands.

after learning that Eike Konig has found him self in creating a space where he could move around and use his ┬ábody as a way to expose his thought in his designs I found that the idea of that was comforting I don’t have to create something that is amazing buts something for myself that have poured my creativity in and my feelings. I used to do that back when I was still in school it was way for me to be in a happy place just trying things out creating stuff with no meaning a way I spent my free time and I found that to be calming and enjoyable.

how can I return to that I thought I could do more research about graphic designer that do their work by hand more the include the applications for the details that can not be done by hand and I can include this in my free time and even in my work for more creativity to be put in and effort.