Eike konig is an amazing graphic designer that I came across while searching for famous designers and having a look at their work. Eike is the founder of creative studio HORT he is also a professor at university of arts, HfG Offenbach.

He believes in artistic freedom and creating stuff with meaning and it being more then just income or like he receives from his work. I find comfort in the way he finds the freedom to create something without having to be put under pressure of it is not good enough he put the needs of feeling the joy of designing first. In one of his interviews with It’s Nice That

He talks about how he found his freedom in working with no computers finding his freedom in completely trying to involve his body in the space he was working in and he could communicate his inner thoughts with the world through the set of rules he had put for himself that each print had a specific type size, paper size, fixed lines. From my honest point of view he opened a new door for me to discover with the way he thinks and the way he does not limit the importance of putting meaning in his work.


Eike Konig