Is it ever too late to become a good graphic designer? this is a question I ask myself trying to find out when will I consider myself a good designer I think that I’ll get there when I find complete and total comfort in the way I am doing my work I’m still experimenting and trying to figure out what I really want to achieve as a graphic designer I’m finding it hard to believe that I’ll be well known for my work but when I look at how others got to their dreams how they have started from absolutely nothing but hoped that this is what they love doing and got to be the first names I find when I searched up famous graphic designer I find myself believing that it could be possible and if not then I have been inspired to find joy in what I do and do it with comfort and joy. I hope to be as talented as Jessica walsh in her creativity and determination and have find the way to express my artistic freedom like Eike konig. I aim to find the way to have the ability to always find something new that keeps me interested in my work and find the inspiration the will keep my creativity going.