Chris Khalifa founded Zooba in 2012 and what he had in mind was too keep it neutral.

Let’s talk about the old branding I find it to be very simple and plane there are no colors that pop out and no eye-catching patterns or colors to it the logo is very simple with no tricks done and the most thing that brings it down is the font there is no edge to it.

This project was done by &Walsh a full rebranding was done. I can’t begin to explain how much more every thing stands out from the colors that make everything pop out their social media says it all with the way it is set up. The place is set up in a fun way the walls are brick and are painted with patterns and all the chairs and table are colorful and eye catching I saw the place in Cairo Madinaty, open air mall I can assure you it straight away catches your eyes. This is one of my favorite rebranding that was done by &walsh and probably anywhere else.