I have seen many of my friends staring to do extra work aside from the university’s given work. I haven’t decided yet if I wanted to take this step or not it felt like it would be a lot of pressure having to juggle both my studies and work on the side. I wanted to have more experience, more field work, how it all actually went on in graphic design work.

I was always sure my skills and work were not good enough to reach the point where I could get into an internship. I actually didn’t end up applying for and internship but I told my friend and spread the word I’m glad to help in anything that has to do with my major and believe it or not that got me somewhere they started calling me to ask me if I could do this or that I wound always say yes but the outcome might not be as perfect so that means they have to tell me what they prefer and what they actually find to be very poor work and this is where I learnt that it’s okay to have a bad outcome the first 2 tries because that pushes me to research and work even harder to be able to get somewhere. I have been lately working on a senior’s hoodie designs for a school and I’m glad to say I have come a long way.