Finding inspiration as a designer can be very hard to do or can be very easy it depends on how the designer see’s the world from a designer’s point of view.

I found inspired in the amazing street photography of Karim El Hayawa. It is very appealing how he could turn simple boarding streets to these amazing photography’s that have meaning he even records people that have what the city has to offer. In 2022 Karim came to my university to speak about his work and his journey finding the hidden gems in the streets of Egypt.

I have always been in love with the idea of photography and how I can view something in a different way that makes me want to take a picture of it when Karim talked about his journey I wanted to start a small virgin of my journey in photography I decided to go to

khan el-Khalili and experiment with my skills and see how this journey will go for me. I was actually pretty impressed with my results and ended up using them in my project for university. Its amazing how one person’s words can make you feel inspired and ready to start a journey of your own they make you believe that if they have managed to get there so can you and they do show you that in the work they have done.