One of my struggles is trying to stay creative in my design process when I don’t feel like working or I feel too tired but I have too. I really felt that struggle in my second year of college which I am still in. in my first semester I could not have struggled more I did about 6 trials to nothing was good enough to be submitted. I was having a hard time but I managed to get though it I found out that I was starting my projects in a wrong way I was not giving enough though into the research and brain storming which made it look like my work was rushed through. Not having enough information about what I was doing made it hard to try and connect my design to the project this is when I learned that the very first steps of doing anything is having a solid idea and the right amount of research. Writing down a mind map of my ideas and how I can connect my design to the project is important it help me a lot when I started lay out my design and I could think of more creative ideas. I still feel like there is room to improve my creativity when I am designing and I believe I can do that by doing exercise where I can research and collect only important information that can be used in my design