I dream that one day I get to have my own creative agency that the whole world knows about just like Jessica Walsh founder of &walsh one of my favorite projects from her agency is the restraint zooba this project is a re branding for the restraint and the theme is Egyptian style the way they have set up everything from the color to the style of the place makes so much sense and makes it eye catching.

I’m in love with the way Jessica walsh thinks she adds fun in her projects not only using digital devices but using photography and adding many hand-crafted designs making the creating process more interesting to go through. It’s very inspiring to me how she managed to achieve her goals through hard work and creativity.

Jessica walsh does side projects that are not for a client to express her full creativity and thoughts I loved this idea so much the idea of always having something that I can do out of my own interests and express my feelings in a creative matter that has no guide lines. A goal of mine is to become this creative and this talented and hard working.