I believe that one of my most important goal is to work on project that has an impact on people’s lives. I want to create a project that can change opinions maybe impact a society or send a strong massage that changes a way a society acts. As a graphic designer I know that most people don’t believe that I can do much or that my work can create much of an impact on the world and what I aim to do one day is to show the world how graphic design projects have created a statement in society in so many different ways. In 2019 Extinction Rebellion created a visual identity with striking graphics and bold colors also using human and animal skulls as a symbol to show their main objective of preventing human extinction their logo is an hour glass shaped to show that time is running the goal of this project was to spread the awareness to save the world from climate change. This is what I mean when I say I want to create some kind of impact in my lifetime as a graphic designer it is a very important skill to be able send a massage to people through a poster, photography or a video.

Seven graphic design projects that aimed to change the world in 2019