Why chose graphic design?

I have always been interested in art when I was in school I loved drawing and creating different types of abstract work my favorite class in school was art class I got to explore the different types of art I actually was not inserted in graphic design till grade 11 that was when I found out about creating collages on adobe photoshop and I was pretty interested I started learning how the application worked from YouTube tutorials after that it was time to apply to college and really didn’t know what I wanted my first choice was business but then after looking at other majores I was most interested In graphic design and interior architecture this was the big choice I had to make I started asking and doing my research on both majors and I found that I was most interested in graphic design.

Where do you find inspiration?

I believe that I can find inspiration in many things I see around me in my day if my have the mindset of looking at things in a more creative way like typography on billboards or logos around me things that I can see everywhere everyday but don’t really take notice off. Searching through Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to look for inspiration also looking through the work of famous graphic designer like Jessica Walsh or Eike Konig.

What is your favorite part of graphic design?

I think that would be the freedom of creativity I understand that not everything is a good design but I am free to create my design with my own rules when creating a project, I get to decide who my audience are and how I will be sending the message that need to send through my work.

What do you find to be the hardest part in graphic design?

For now as a student who majors in graphic design that would be trying to stay creative in the work I do I always find myself choosing the easiest way to get done with my projects but not adding enough creativity and that is something I want to change.